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  • Teddy Beats
    Fam! I have a new song coming out on Friday. It was my first time working with a band which was cool. There were definitely a lot of cooks in the kitchen but we came out with dish that would put Gordon Ramsay on his ass lol. Can't wait for everyone to hear it. Cheers!
    • 7.5K
  • Tyler0112
    ‘Be Alone’ with Orhuz out 15th December!!!
    • 10.7K
  • James Stefano
    Hay Everyone,

    Just wanted to say that i'm so happy that i had the possibility to do another release on AtLast!
    This time with @justFede, who made an amazing version of "Let It Be". Let me know what you think of it!

    Have a lovely week!

    • 13.4K
  • B'Bach
    Hey guys! This is B'Bach, It's been a while, but my new song 'Crete' made together with extremely talented Karla Sax is finally OUT NOW!!
    Hope you like it! 🌴🎷
    • 16.1K
    We're very excited to announce demo submissions are up and running again, so get in there and paste your SoundCloud links! 🚀🚀🚀
    • 17.6K
  • Small ToK
    Hey guys!
    So excited to share our new track called 'Free Tonight'!
    If you like it, let us know!

    Free Tonight
    • 18K
  • just Fede
    Hey everyone!

    So exited to share with you my new release with James Stefano ! You already know the original song for sure! It is "Let It Be" from the Beatles! Aren't you curious to see what a Tropical House version of it would sound like?
    • 23.8K
  • Nxsser
    • 40.2K
  • Junerule
    Hey guys! I've just released "I Don't Wanna Love You" with Miami Beats. You'll love it ;)
    Let me know what you think <3
    • 41.6K
  • Laurentius
    Hej everyone!
    Martin Miller, Emelie Cyréus and I released our first track with Miami Beats / ATLAST!
    It's called 'Love Lane' and you will be able to stream it on

    Much love and cheers to the first of many releases with the wonderful ATLAST team! <3
    • 51.3K
  • Pule
    Amazing one Jay Dixie! Looking forward for more! 😁
    • 52.5K
  • Jay Dixie
    Soooo hyped my new track 'Without You' is OUT NOW!
    Go stream/buy it & let me know what you think! ;)
    • 59.3K
  • Paul James
    Hey guys! Just dropped my first song at ATLAST w the fams Dottixs and Ferio.!😁 What a journey! Hope you like it & stay tuned, there is more to come!🤙
    • 61.6K
  • The Him
    Just released Desperados today!! So happy to finally have a new track out 😁... what do you think? 🙌❤
    • 61.2K
  • B'Bach
    Hey guys, It's been a while! How are you these days? Have you already heard my new song 'Daydreaming' ? If not, you can listen to it now and immediately catch the vacation vibe! 🎷🌴
    • 63.3K
  • Teddy Beats
    What up fam! What's everyone got going on this week?
    • 63.7K
  • Polux
    Feel Alive is out now! 🏝️
    I created this track thinking about summer and i Hope you feel this tropical vibe 🔥
    • 65.3K
  • Nxsser
    I am keeping you guys updated for my @tremble release on Instagram, come check it out @nxsserofficial
    • 65.3K
  • Nxsser
    ATLAST is pog !!!
    • 66.7K
  • Nxsser
    • 60.5K


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